Tentmaking for Couples: Jasmine & Tyrone

Common interests draw people together. So it is not surprising that many meet their other half while studying in college. Similarly, many GoLiveServe alumni also found their mate while participating on a short term project or getting involved in missions.

What better way to find another person of similar interest and calling than by serving the God that you love and doing the things that He has placed on your heart? The journey of others may also shed light on your journey!

Tentmaking for Seasoned Professionals: Bob & Linda

Bob and Linda love China and are passionate about reaching the lost. For many years, they have been active in working with foreign students and in praying for the country. Bob is a clinical psychologist and Linda has extensive experience in business. Both are seasoned professionals who have the language and ministry skills to serve others. After years of professional training and preparation, and now that their children are grown, they seized the opportunity to realize their dream of serving overseas.

Preparing for a Business Career in China: Joe

I first heard about tentmaking at Urbana 2003 when I was wondering how I could glorify God as a business major in college. After attending a workshop on the unique opportunities that Christian business people have, I was convinced that God was calling me to “business as missions”. Reaching different levels of society, influencing institutional change and meeting people’s physical and spiritual needs through sharing the gospel in a business setting were all exciting to me, but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.