While BAM poses many challenges, unreached peoples in many countries are “desperately seeking Western business know-how and investment. With jet travel, business people can get anywhere in the world in twenty-four hours.  English has become the lingua franca of business.  It seems that all of the pieces are falling into place for Business As Missions in much the same way the Pax Romana and the Greek language prepared the ancient world for the original transmission of the gospel.  It remains for us to strategize, plan, and then act to take advantage of this kairos moment that God has prepared.”  (Brian Walck in 9 Missiological Insights into Business as Mission)

Thirty years ago when we promoted tentmaking for China, we told our friends that they must be sure of God’s calling and be ready to make career sacrifices.  Upon coming home, they might need to switch career from high tech to selling real estate.  But we did not foresee that the world would become flat with the arrival of the Internet Age. 

Since the 90s, over 180 tentmakers have returned from the field after one to fifteen or more years and done well with their careers.  In some cases, their overseas experience led to better positions than what they had before.  God is faithful.  He takes care of those who are faithful to His call. 

BAM enables us to take the gospel to the hard places. So what is the way forward?