Lee’s call to tentmaking took ten years to materialize. He left China at age 3, and returned at age 18, his freshman summer on our student exchange program. Lee knew then and there that he must go back.

Lee is a planner, intentional in his preparations. He was active in campus ministry as a student, and was volunteer staff for InterVarsity while working as an engineer. Then he went for his MBA and got a job in consulting. During the long years of preparation, he took short-term trips to keep his China vision alive, and to stay connected. On one of these trips, Lee met Dora. Dora was in IT, and finishing her MA in Education because teaching credentials are highly valued on the mission field.

One day, Lee’s buddy, a fellow GLS summer program alumnus, called up from China, inviting Lee to join him at a multinational company there. At the time, Lee was offered a job at a global company that promised a prestigious, fast track career with an enticing package. But the job could keep him in the U.S. indefinitely.

Lee struggled and sought counsel from GLS mentors, who had been tracking with him through the years. Over preparation could be a problem for planners like Lee. After searching his heart, and with Dora’s full support, he took the job with the pay cut, and moved to China.

This is their 8th year as tentmakers. Dora teaches elementary school and directs its Character Program. After four promotions in eight years, Lee is now VP of Sales & Commercial Operations at his company. They co-lead a Bible study fellowship of local professionals with young families. As adoptive parents, they also lead domestic missions trips to introduce local believers to orphanage ministries. Finally, being a few steps ahead in life, Lee has been a good friend and mentor to Mel in his career, courtship, and walk with God. (See Mel's story.)