BAM integrates all aspects of life and godliness. God cares about business related issues like economic development and justice, employment and unemployment, use and distribution of resources, etc. that impact the physical and spiritual wellbeing of people. This is clear as we read the Law and the Prophets in the Old Testament.  BAM is a change agent to bless the nations.

As such, BAM involves spiritual warfare. It challenges the work of Satan, whose purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy lives through poverty and many forms of oppression resulting from physical and spiritual deprivation. Therefore, the full armor of God, spiritual vigilance and prayer are indispensable for BAM operators.

But we must not over-spiritualize to the neglect of sound business principles and hard work.  Starting business anywhere in the world is challenging and most people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs.  Doing business overseas in emerging economies comes with formidable challenges—unwieldy bureaucracy and regulations that are not business-friendly, endemic corruption, deficient infrastructures, language and cultural barriers, and difficulty in finding reliable local employees, etc.  

Many 10/40 Window countries are also politically unstable, posing higher risks to investors.  Careful market research, due diligence and discernment are important even when the business does not involve heavy capital investment.  Any startup without adequate capital, sound business plans and the needed skills will fail.  So beyond vision and passion, one of the biggest needs in BAM is practical training and support.  Many organizations are now working together to provide these resources.