Tentmaking for Couples: Jasmine & Tyrone

Common interests draw people together. So it is not surprising that many meet their other half while studying in college. Similarly, many GoLiveServe alumni also found their mate while participating on a short term project or getting involved in missions.

What better way to find another person of similar interest and calling than by serving the God that you love and doing the things that He has placed on your heart? The journey of others may also shed light on your journey!

Jasmine & Tyrone, Musicians & Teachers

One for China

We first met Jasmine, a music major who loves to work with children, at Urbana where she expressed interest in teaching kindergarten overseas. She wanted to experience life in China, and see how the Lord will direct her future. She was also intrigued by the idea of working in China and serving Children without fundraising.

While she was preparing for this adventure, she met Tyrone, who was also a musician by training. Before too long, it became apparent that their relationship was leading to marriage. In addition to sharing a love of music, they also share a love for adventure. So it made sense for them to wait until after marriage before launching out together.

Two for China

With the impending graduation, wedding plans and then married life, they have a lot of adjusting to do. So we counsel them to put their relocation plan on hold for at least another year. That would give them time to set a solid foundation for their marriage as well as to work out their finances before going overseas for at least a couple of years. Both had school loans to repay while they set up their new home.

Extra time would also help Tyrone to choose a suitable platform in China as a tentmaker. Neither Tyrone nor Jasmine has teaching credentials, but Jasmine has experience in teaching young children while Tyrone does not. So it would be helpful for him to get experience, even as a volunteer. Their experience in teaching music, however, makes them an appealing hire for kindergartens.

Meanwhile, they can use another year to learn some basic Chinese that would enhance their time in China personally and professionally.

In due time, they got offers from the same schools where they taught kindergarten for two years in two cities before returning home to start a family and become missions mobilizers.

Three for China

Their adventure in China was all that they expected and more. They had good trainers at both schools and enjoyed teaching children and sharing their lives through music and songs. They also enjoyed being part of our network and developing friendships with other associates.

Today, they have a lovely baby girl and are still making short term trips to China. If you are interested in learning more about their experience, or be connected with others like them, contact us.


  • If you are interested in missions or China, what are some ways for you to find others who share the same passion or calling?
  • How are the three Ms integrated in your life of service (Master, Mission and Mate)?
  • What are some steps that you and your boy/girlfriend or spouse can take together to explore your calling for missions or China?