Church-Based Missional Discipleship & Sending

GLS strives to realize its vision for missions mobilization in partnership with churches:  For every tentmaker we send out in partnership with a church, we hope to work with the candidate and his church to raise up several others to take his place locally. 

GLS workers should be disciple-makers who multiply themselves at home before they go overseas.  The best preparations for a missionary candidate should take place in the context of his local church life.

GLS Protocol To Prepare Tentmakers

  • Candidate shares his calling with church leadership to ask for advice and prayer.
  • GLS staff or former field worker is engaged as a coach.  A GLS couple will work with married candidates.
  • GLS coach assesses candidate in the following areas:

- Clarity of calling            
- Personal, spiritual & family readiness  
- Ministry experience & church community
- Professional experience
- Language & culture preparations

  • GLS coach works with church leadership to come up with recommendations for candidate’s development.
  • Church provides opportunities for candidate to serve and develop ministry skills within the local faith community.
  • Candidate recruits a prayer team for support throughout preparation process. 
  • GLS coach works with church leadership to follow up on candidate, clarify calling and gifting over 1-3 year period.
  • Candidate is ready, overseas placement is worked out with GLS assistance where needed.
  • As needed, sending church and GLS work with candidate on fund-raising.
  • Pre-departure orientation is arranged by GLS and official commissioning by home church. 

Corporation, Consultancy & Outsourcing Service

Modern business understands that no one company can do everything well. There should be division of labor and specialization among different members of Christ’s Body (Eph 4:11-12). If we liken the local church to a corporation, then a missions agency such as GLS would be a consultant, providing complementary services.

Having supported tentmakers from all walks of life in Asia for two decades, we understand the challenges on the field and how to equip workers for it. GLS and the home church working in tandem can provide optimal guidance for a candidate as he prepares for service overseas.

The main business of sending and supporting the worker in prayer and finance belongs to the home church. On the other hand, GLS staff in touch with the rapidly changing socioeconomic environment of Asia and its implications for reaching the unreached can better guide the ministry of the worker and care for his needs on the field.

Churches will provide better overall care for their workers in missions when they outsource certain aspects of member care to the field agency.