So you have heard the opportunity and challenge of tentmaking missions.  You realize that God may be calling you.  You know it is time to take action or at least to seriously explore.  But where do you begin?

The following are some common issues GLS has helped tentmakers address.


If You Are An Empty Nester

The idea of seeking significance beyond security and success is compelling.  But there are questions that need to be addressed: 

  • There are different ways to do missions.  Which approach is right for me? 
  • I have good ministries here at home.  How can I be sure of a meaningful role overseas? 
  • Will I be able to serve overseas without using up my retirement savings? 
  • What if my spouse has reservations?
  • What about health care overseas?
  • What about elderly parents?


If You Are Mid-Career With Family

An overseas assignment could be a rite of passage for career advancement with multinational companies.  But there are special issues in this season in life:

  • How will living overseas affect my family life?
  • How about the children’s education and social development?
  • How about my spouse’s career?


If You Are A Young Professional

It could be rewarding to explore an international career in this global economy.  Nonetheless, there are concerns:

  • Where will my career path abroad take me?  What are some risks and potential gains?
  • What is a reasonable time frame for exploration?
  • What are some career challenges that I may face when I need to come home?
  • Should I wait until I am married before I go?  Will I meet the right person overseas?
  • What if my significant other has reservations?
  • What if my parents object?
  • What about my financial obligations here?


If You Are Still In College

The sky is the limit!  But you need to align your education and future career so you will live up to your God-given potential and vision:

  • Be sure to seek good counsel from those who understand career as missions.
  • Seize every opportunity to discover your passion and gifts as you prepare for a career.
  • Invest your summers wisely for cross-cultural exposures to confirm your calling.
  • Cultivate a life style of witness and discipleship.  Grow your ministry and relational skills.


For Pastors & Missions Committee Members

You are excited that, beyond prayer and financial giving, your church could be sending out home-grown workers to the field.  But there are challenges.  It is a big responsibility to:

  • Help your missions candidates sort out their calling and prepare for cross-cultural service.
  • Support and partner with them over the long haul as they live and serve overseas.   
  • Most importantly, before they are sent out, you want to work with them to train up others to take their places of service and leadership.

After the altar call, it is crucial to work out one’s faith journey in the context of the home church and connect with a missions organization. GLS can work with sending churches to provide optimal guidance to prospective tentmakers.