How We Can Help

We offer pre-departure orientation to prepare our tentmakers as well as year-round field support so they can be fruitful in both work and ministry.


Pre-Departure Orientation

  • Daily life and work in China

  • Realistic expectations regarding adjustment in cross-cultural living and work

  • History of Christianity in China and implications for the Gospel today

  • China’s religious policies and need for sensitivity


Year-Round Field Support

  • Two retreats for spiritual renewal, continuing education, fellowship, rest and recreation

  • Two pastoral visits in spring and fall

  • Regular contact with our care team by email, phone or Skype

  • Professional counseling and coaching

  • Peer support and monthly prayer fellowship in the same city


Year-Round Home Support

  • GLS intercessors pray for tentmakers from daily prayer emails written by our care team

  • Monthly prayer meetings give updates on tentmakers and their ministries

  • GLS channels your support and provide tax deduction receipts to donors. 


Career Guidance, Professional Networks & Referrals 

  • Career development impacts a tentmaker's sustainability and effectiveness on the field.

  • GLS Partners, who are seasoned professionals on the field, are available to offer work-related counsel, networking and assistance.


Re-Entry Debriefing

  • Returning home after a season of service overseas may happen as planned or unexpectedly.

  • The challenges of relocation and reverse culture shock are often underestimated.

  • We help returning tentmakers process their journey and prepare for the next stage of life and ministry.


I had lived and worked in China for four years before joining GLS. GLS pastoral staff have a unique understanding of the needs of professionals in the field… What makes the network truly special is the bond among fellow associates throughout China who, although from different backgrounds, fields, and life stages, serve as an ongoing source for encouragement, perspective, expertise, contacts, and advice. I have undoubtedly seen some of the greatest spiritual growth and fruits as an associate of the GLS network in China.
— Alex, Marketing Executive
Last year, my roommate and I faced one of the most intense incidents of spiritual warfare either of us had ever experienced. Within hours, my GLS mentor called to 1) make sure we were ok, 2) give us wise counsel, and 3) let us know that others were being mobilized to pray. In the next few days, we received many encouraging e-mails and practical advice from people connected to the network. Knowing that people, even people that I’ve never met, are partnering with us brings an extra measure of peace and joy in continuing what God has called us to do over here.
— Tim, Teacher & English Program Director


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