How GLS Serves Your Church To Explore China & The Muslim World

We serve as an agent for your church to send your own team.  You coordinate your own travel and finance logistics.  With 20 years’ experience sending over 1,000 professionals and students on short-term programs in several countries, we can help in the following ways:

  •   Broker a suitable program with field connections.
  •   Offer orientation and field-specific training for the team.
  •   Debrief the team and share next steps to grow their heart for missions. 

If you do not have a team from your church, you are welcome to join a GLS team as an individual.

In all our short-term projects, you will have opportunities to learn about international careers as you meet tentmakers on the field and hear the stories of their calling, life and service.


China Summer Projects

Reach university students: 3-4 weeks in July 

  • Teams of 10 or more college students.
  • Experience urban China as you reach out to Chinese students at a leading university in a well-designed cultural exchange program. 
  • Experience rural China and cross-cultural teamwork as you partner with Chinese college students to run a camp for local youth.      
  • Grow through cross-cultural teamwork, develop genuine friendship, and share God’s love with future influencers in Chinese society.

Help churches build their youth ministry: 2 weeks in July & August

  • Teams of 6-8 energetic college students or young adults.
  • Under the guidance of experienced youth workers, work with local church volunteers to run summer camps for youth.
  • Chinese proficiency not required as there will be interpreters to help.
  • Native English proficiency not required as the program focus is not teaching English.

Central Asia Projects

Help build a language center business: 2-4 weeks in June

  • Teams of 6 or more college students/young adults.
  • Get a taste of life and culture in ethnically diverse Central Asia.  
  • Reach out to local youth through English, computer or Chinese camp.                                                                  
  • Discover Muslim hospitality. Loving people different from ourselves begins with friendship and understanding. 

Reach young Muslim entrepreneurs: 2 weeks in June or September

  • Teams of 8-10 young professionals & seasoned executives with IT or tech skills.
  • Use a prepared curriculum to conduct a tech startup camp for young entrepreneurs.
  • You are welcome to join a GLS team as an individual if you do not have your own team.

China Internship

For GLS Short-Term Program alumni interested to explore long-term service.

  • Internships are available in business, social enterprise, social service, etc.                                                                      
  • Duration varies from a summer to year-long.                                                                                                              
  • Locations depend on area of interest.                                                                                                                  
  • Discover how your education and career can be used for missions.


Read here for Short-Term FAQs!



Reach out to us if you would like to learn more or join a short-term trip!