Shenzhen, China

China's Garden City

Shenzhen is situated north of Hong Kong, just a stone's throw away. It grew rapidly from a sleepy fishing village in the early 20th century into a thriving metropolis when it became China's first Special Economic Zone in the 1990s. It is famous for being a green city, the result of city planning and its proximity to the sea.

Graduate schools of China's leading universities have established branch campuses here to take advantage of Shenzhen's hi-tech and business environment. Technology and teaching jobs are available to qualified expats.

2/3 of Shenzhen's population come from provinces around the country in search of better jobs and good money. Consequently, there is a rootlessness, transience, opportunism and ultra-materialism in the city's culture.

The international faith community here is small, as are the house churches. These local churches lack strong biblical teaching and shepherding for the young people who attend.