The Role of Senders

Beyond prayer and financial giving, it will be exciting for your church to send home-grown workers to the field. You would want to:

  • Help your missions candidates sort out their calling and prepare for service so they will be fruitful on the field.
  • Support and partner with them over the long haul as they live and serve overseas.


How GLS Can Serve Your Church

We believe in church-based missional discipleship and sending. When missions candidates apply to join GLS, we guide them in partnership with you, their sending church.

  • Candidates should be disciple-makers, who have learned to multiply themselves at home before they go overseas.
  • We encourage candidates to raise up leaders to take their place before they are sent out.


Partnering With Churches To Support Candidates

Candidates are encouraged to share their calling with church leadership for confirmation and prayer. We work with pastors and church missions committees in sending and supporting them.

  • GLS will help them review:
    • Clarity of calling
    • Personal, spiritual & family readiness
    • Ministry experience & church relationships
    • Professional experience
    • Language & culture preparations
  • Before going oversea, candidates are encouraged to:
    • grow their ministry skills within the local faith community
    • seek cross-cultural ministry opportunities locally
    • build a prayer team for support through the discernment and preparation process
    • update their pastors/mentors regularly
  • When a job is secured, financial need is assessed. Where needed, fund-raising in consultation with the church begins.
  • When the departure date is set, orientation and church commissioning will be scheduled.
  • GLS welcomes opportunity to update pastors and church missions committees after field visits by our pastoral staff, and will alert them of special needs and circumstances.
  • Mentors and close friends are encouraged to Skype tentmakers, especially in the first 1-2 months on the field to lend support for their adjustments.
  • The Partnership Agreement in the candidacy process details practical ways GLS and the sending church collaborate in the support of the workers.
  • Opportunities for workers to share with different groups will strengthen their support base and promote missions in the church.


Partnering With Churches To Promote Missions

We welcome the opportunity to:

  • Share about short-term projects to send your own team to China, Central Asia or the Middle East.
  • Talk about Tentmaking Missions, how your members' careers can be used by God for missions.
  • Meet your Pastor and Missions Committee members to see how GLS can serve you in the context of your vision and priorities.
  • If your church has 15 or more individuals interested in tentmaking missions, we will offer a one-day seminar or a weekend retreat for your group. 

Become a Partner

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