Registration is now closed. Please join us next year!

Undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent grads are all welcome to register. All team members must be under age 35 at the time of registration. Each team must be comprised of 2-4 members. At least one team member must be an enrolled full-time student in Spring 2019. Individuals from different schools may form a team. All members of an undergraduate team should be full-time students. Any team with a graduate student or recent grad (even if there is an undergraduate team member), will compete in the graduate track. Since this is a faith-based competition, we ask that participants be followers of Jesus Christ. For details please click here to visit competition overview page.

for faculty:

Professors may encourage their students to participate in this competition and serve as their advisors. They may also use the case as a class project or other academic enrichment. To review the case, please email us for a one-page Faculty Agreement.  When it is returned, you will be granted access to the case files. As it is vital to protect the company’s identity for the safety of its owners and staff, case files will only be viewed online, and not downloadable. 

If you decide to adopt the case as a class project, please take every precaution to only share case info inside the classroom.  Your students will need to register as regular competition participants (in groups of 2-4) and sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to access the case files.  We hope many of them will join the competition.  They may withdraw any time before December 15th, and their solutions will not be evaluated by our judges. Please feel free to contact us for further information.