We partner with churches to send tentmakers to East and Central Asia.


Tentmakers: Missional professionals who take their vocation overseas to serve God.

It's not just about financial independence.

It's not a cover for missionaries.

      Tentmakers contribute to society and showcase the Gospel through work.




Business & Technology Professionals

These are the movers and shakers of society. Yet, most are unreached. With their creativity and resources, they can have huge impact for the kingdom. We need to “be” in their space to bring them to Christ.


In developing economies, education can lift people out of poverty and improve their livelihoods. Many leaders in urban church movements come to faith during their student days. Ours is a battle for people’s minds to give them a gospel-centered vision for their countries.

NGO Workers

We need workers, who are consultants, operators and fundraisers for local NGOs, church planters too, to inspire and empower indigenous peoples and churches to help the poor and spiritually oppressed.