Words from Church & Missions Leaders

At the 2015 spring retreat of GoLiveServe, my wife and I had the honor of speaking and ministering to their associates serving in East Asia. We were deeply impressed by their commitment and the vital contributions that they were making in the professional and educational world of China. Their stories of God’s love impacting the lives of those they serve left an indelible mark in our hearts. When we sow into GoLiveServe, we know their efforts will yield a tremendous harvest.
— Wee Hian Chua, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Evangelical Church London & former General Secretary of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (1972-1991)
I have known the founder of GoLiveServe since our student days and even then saw the passion for God and His global purposes, the depth of strategic thinking and the high quality leadership and pastoral care that he has brought to the formation of GoLiveServe. I trust GoLiveServe to provide the training and team support that enable professionals to follow hard after Jesus to serve.
— Donna Dong, Multi-Ethnic/Multicultural Ministry Director, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada
The Holy Spirit is constantly showing His creativity in new forms of mission in our changing world today. GoLiveServe is an excellent example. It goes to the heart of the Christian calling to use all of the gifts and training we have received to serve the mission of Jesus Christ. In many ways it does exactly what St. Paul did, except that these ‘tentmakers’ have skills that he would never have dreamed of. I strongly endorse it.
— Paul E Pierson, Dean Emeritus, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary
I know the founder of GoLiveServe as a personal friend and have deeply appreciated him and the work and strategic ministry that has developed over the years. It is a leading and significant ministry, especially for tentmaking professionals and students, and short-term service teams. May God continue to richly bless many lives through the ministry of GoLiveServe!
— Siang-Yang Tan, Senior Pastor, First Evangelical Church Glendale, and Professor of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary
We celebrate God’s marvelous grace and blessing on your strategic ministry over 20 years. What a joy it is to see the growth of the work in China and beyond. It has been especially thrilling to see the mobilization of deeply dedicated and highly trained young people coming forward from Chinese churches in North America.
— The late James H. Taylor III, great grandson of Hudson Taylor, at our 20th anniversary
I have had the great joy of working alongside the GLS president on their projects in China and on every occasion I have had an “iron sharpening iron” experience. He is an inveterate visionary who, because he knows how to navigate the complexities of Chinese officialdom, has seized Kingdom opportunities that others only dream about. Consequently he is able to not only mobilize and equip, but strategically dispatch people with a heart for joining God’s work in that part of the world. His staff team is equally skilled and experienced. GoLiveServe ought to be on the sending agency “short list” of all tentmaking professionals, summer abroad students, and churches with short-term service teams.
— Fred Wagner, 1994-2010 China Global Projects Coordinator for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
We praise the Lord for the ministry of GoLiveServe. Its three-fold motto “Go where you are needed, live fully in Christ and serve to make a difference” should truly be the aspiration of all mission-minded Christians and churches of the world!
— The late Rev. Thomas Wang, President Emeritus, Great Commission Center International