We are a network of professionals and students seeking to integrate our education & career with missions. 


Our Mission

GLS partners with churches in North America to serve alongside the Church in East & Central Asia to manifest God’s grace & truth by sending missional professionals to impact the workplace, build faith communities, and collaborate with national leaders to develop mission movements.


Our Vision

To see missional professionals, educators, and NGO workers collaborate to fulfill the Great Commandment (Matthew 22) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28) among the unreached.


Go where you are needed.  Live fully in Christ. Serve to make a difference.


We celebrate God’s marvelous grace and blessing on your strategic ministry over 20 years. What a joy it is to see the growth of the work in China and beyond. It has been especially thrilling to see the mobilization of deeply dedicated and highly trained young people coming forward from Chinese churches in North America.
— The late James H. Taylor III, Great Grandson of Hudson Taylor, at our 20th anniversary
GoLiveServe goes to the heart of the Christian calling to use all of the gifts and training we have received to serve the mission of Jesus Christ. In many ways it does exactly what St. Paul did, except that these “tentmakers” have skills that he would never have dreamed of. I strongly endorse it.
— Paul E Pierson, Dean Emeritus, Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary


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Facts & Figures

  • GLS has partnered with scores of North American churches in short-term mission programs and long-term sending of workers.

  • GLS has successfully sent and pastored over 250 tentmakers in East Asia. By God's grace, no one has come back from the field a casualty in 20+ years.

  • GLS field associates work in over 20+ industries: Business, Consulting, Education, Engineering, F&B, Health Services, IT, NGO Sector, Public Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology, etc.



Our Statement of Faith

Please click here to view our statement of faith. For a more in-depth exposition of the theological convictions that we subscribe to, please refer to the statement of faith that is part of the Lausanne Covenant, which is supported by the worldwide Christian community:http://www.lausanne.org/covenant 

Our History

GLS was founded by people who have extensive experience in mobilizing students and professionals for missions. With strategic networks across academia, business, ministry, the health and helping professions, etc. on both sides of the Pacific, GLS is well positioned to connect their associates with a wide range of opportunities and resources to impact their arena for God’s kingdom.

For over 20 years, GLS has been building a network of missional professionals. The great majority are in business—entrepreneurs, senior executives as well as entry level graduates. We also have teachers from kindergarten to graduate school. Others are in the health services, social work and full-time ministry.


I have had the great joy of working alongside the GLS president on their projects in China ... He is an inveterate visionary who, because he knows how to navigate the complexities of Chinese officialdom, has seized Kingdom opportunities that others only dream about. Consequently he is able to not only mobilize and equip, but strategically dispatch people… GoLiveServe ought to be on the sending agency ’short list’ of all tentmaking professionals ... and churches
with short-term service teams.
— Fred Wagner, 1994-2010 China Global Projects InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
I have known the founder of GoLiveServe since our student days and even then saw the passion for God and His global purposes, the depth of strategic thinking and the high quality leadership and pastoral care that he has brought to the formation of GoLiveServe. I trust GoLiveServe to provide the training and team support that enable professionals to follow hard after Jesus to serve.
— Donna Dong, Multi-Ethnic Ministry Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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Learn more about some of the major cities where GLS teams are located. 



China may soon become the world’s largest economy. Its Christian population, estimated at around 50-70 million, is now an indigenous movement.


  • China's phenomenal economic growth has come at a high price. Corruption permeates all levels of society. The nation is ideologically and morally bankrupt.
  • Interpersonal relationships in the workplace and in the family are falling apart. China needs the Gospel.
  • Many short-termers have been bringing resources from abroad to the Chinese Church. But her leaders are calling for long-termers, who would join the local faith communities to mentor believers and do life together.
  • Tentmakers demonstrate how the Gospel makes a difference as they live, work and serve among the people, contributing to both church and society.

As experienced professionals and active laypeople, you can join God's work in China, and be a part of their economic, social and spiritual transformation.



Central Asia is immediately west of China along the Ancient Silk Road and gateway to the Belt & Road Region.  Most of the people groups there have embraced Islam for over 1,000 years.


  • The Central Asian nations are former Soviet satellite states that gained independence in 1991. While they may officially be secular states, their cultural roots are strongly Muslim.  And in recent years, religious policies are tightening against the spread of Christianity.
  • The rise of nationalism and influence from larger Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have further entrenched Islam, making the work of evangelism even harder.
  • Poverty, inflation and unemployment have led to the exodus of skilled and unskilled laborers alike to Russia, Turkey and other countries. Churches, like the rest of society, are impoverished and demoralized.
  • Systemic corruption, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, and prostitution are major social problems. However, the window of outreach via humanitarian services by NGOs is fast closing.
  • In this challenging socioeconomic environment, business as missions is an important way to meet these nations' need for Jesus and jobs.